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Flies and their boxes

I started Flyfishing around 15 years ago, with my first flies stored in an empty box for screws, because after buying them I have been absolutely broke.

15 years later I have probably already spend 300 Euros only into Flyboxes and I don´t want to think of the price of their content. Although I´m tying most of my flies on my own, it must be a truly breathtaking amount of money.

But why do we all carry this loads of feathers and hair with us?

Scanning through...

Most of the people reading this might have read “The trout and the Fly” by Brian Clarke and John Goddard, but why don´t we trust them and take their principles as ours?

Although, I liked their approach and really got inspirited by their principles, of only taking a hand full of flies to the water, I haven´t had the self-assertion to get into it. I gave it a try. Seriously! But finally I ended up trying to assemble flyboxes filled for special situations, rivers, countries…. I even thought of stacking boxes for different seasons.

Why have I been doing such silly things? Because I just love to scan through a bunch of nicely filled boxes, I like to touch them, I like to remember certain adventures, dreaming of the following. How should this work with just one boxes stacked with 4 different dry flies, 3 nymphs a wetfly and 2 streamers?

I do not know if I am right or wrong or if my opinion about collecting flies should be suitable for everybody but one thing I know, is that there are always situations at the water when scanning through your boxes is giving you the feeling of safety and the possibility of trying something unusual.

C&F Design, Richard Wheatley, Hardy .....

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