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Flyfishing Bosnia

Did you ever thaught about doing a trip to Bosnia?

I guess many allready did, but took a step back because of the lack of information and the worry of disappointment.

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The “Una” is a jewel located near the border to croatia in the north of Bosnia.

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Where to get a licence?

At Martin Brod (8km upstream from Kulen Vakuf) you will find the house of the Park Rangers, where you can buy a licence and will be provided with information concerning fishing.

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Where to sleep?

We can absolutely recommend Villa Nana in Kulen Vakuf.  A truly cosy place near to the Village.

For those who like to camp, there are two campgrouds. One in Kulen Vakuf and another free one just a bit downstream of Martinbrod (Signs on the road will lead you to a picknick area).

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