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Flyfishing Bosnia

Did you ever thought about doing a trip to Bosnia?

This years summer fishing adventure took us to a part of the world that hasn’t been on the fly fishers map for very long.
Bosnia is small jewel amongst the balkan countries, affordable beer, amazing simple food, almost free of tourists and full of fat rainbow trout.
We found a beautiful valley equipped with a potent river. To our own protection we won’t mention the name of it but I assume there are plenty similar spots to be found in Bosnia.

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Free camping can be found in various locations and the mild to hot temperatures allow very luxurious breakfasts in the morning. Stunning views, sunshine and guess – no mosquitos.

Dr Dry at work, capturing some stunning black and white stills on his Leica.

The rivers are crystal clear and similar to Slovenia  – light blue, turquoise coloured.

Bosnien FFF (2 von 5)

Many sights of the balkanwar remain in the picturesque valley. This bridge has been bombed and replaced with a temporary structure.

Our latest addition to the Defender setup is a roof tent and has proven to be super convenient. Quick set up, comfortable and a great viewing platform too.

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Friendly locals can be found at every corner, those two heroes posed happily in matching outfits to their antique tractor.

We often had the camping spot just for ourselves and the best feature was an all day rising pool full of fat rainbows just outside our doorstep.

Bebe bar looks inviting and promised wifi, but sadly long closed so we had to drive 20mins each way from our camping spot to the nearest bar.

The Bridge